Sunday, April 19, 2015

Empowering Education

Well, this was extremely long to get through! But really interesting and i liked how it tied everything up altogether. It was a nice, last blog! When I first started reading, the first three questions had me thinking the entire time I was reading. So it took a little extra time to carefully read everything. I decided to do an extended comment on Josh's blog, who did a great job! 
         1 Quote- This is one of the things that stuck out to me reading too! As teachers, we should be teaching our students to be the best that they can be. What I thought of was when teachers said “there are no stupid questions”, which is so true! it doesn’t matter what a child has to ask, ask it! I didn’t even think about it the way you did, basing it on the teachers attitude. We as teachers, should be estatic when kids have questions and are eager to learn. Questions seem like there nothing, but they sure are everything. 
         2 Quote- Whatever choices are made, that is the classroom that is created. The rules are now what creates the students in the classroom as well. And you were correct when you said that it is basically Lisa Delpit. I liked the example you used with the child getting confused. There’s a lot of different examples where the rules are unclear to the kids, but they are expected to be known.
         3rd Quote- I can see Finn and Oakes as well, and I can also see the activity we did in class! When Professor Bogad gave us that paper with the “stupid” questions we should be mad at. In my opinion, some of those questions are just useless knowledge, in which we can be learning about something else more important. I like how you put it “It is just a question of how we are measuring the knowledge of our students”, because that is so true. And it doesn’t even have to be school to school base, it can be teacher to teacher in the same school! Schools are focusing about the standardize testing, rather than a deeper message
         4th Quote- This quote is so powerful! The school systems are spending more money in all the wrong places. I remember in elementary school, mythe art program was cancelled! Then in middle school, all sports were gotten rid of because there was no money. Then a few years later, the music department was canceled. We should be spending money on the little things started kids out that young because that is also what school is about. I like how you talked about RIC’s new policy, which is crazy! It just proves that his quote is true. It makes no sense and I don’t think people actually think that through sometimes. I like how you connected this to Johnson, it didn’t even cross my mind that this  was connected somehow! But you described that perfectly, nice job!
I also liked your video! It was interesting to watch:)

I also wanted to do a connection to Erin’s blog because she did a really nice job! I agree with Erin in that we should focus on the reality of education today. Sure its fun to learn about the past and how much we have changed, but one day this will be the past and education has changed once again. I really liked the first quote you found! Education is more than just writing and reading.g, Education is preparing you for the future after 12 years of schooling. I’m sure I’m never going to remember the Calvin Cycle or finding the slop of a line, but I will remember how to properly ask questions to the teacher , how to how to work with other people, and I made friends by thinking the stuff we were learning was pointless too! Socializing is more important to kids and schools than you think. Like Erin said, you can’t do anything until you know your class. And even at that you’ll still be learning new “theories” She’s right when she says knowing theory isn’t everything, because it’s not. 

Topic Point: I know this is a general topic, but it sums up everything from all the readings and class! (plus it’s the last talking point.) After reading all these articles and learning more than we knew(sometimes), what kind of teacher do you want to be? Did your idea change after taking this class? Did you change some things around in your head? I just found this fun website about how to be a great teacher :) 


  1. Great post as always. I love your talking point and that website it so interesting!!

  2. I like the way you organized your blog, and I liked your connection to Erin's blog because it really is true that Education is always changing around. We are constantly learning new things and I think even when we become teachers we will still always be learning new things. Over all, really great post!