Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pecha Kucha

For my Pecha Kucha, I have almost finished my chart and made an outline for myself. I am mainly focusing on Johnson's Power, Privilege, and Differences, because I feel as though the Special Education population is "left out of the loop" and society fails to except those differences. Johnson specifically focuses on differences between gender, race, ethnicity etc., but I thought that doing it on special needs is a perfect topic. I have seen it firsthand in my service learning project, so I think it is really interesting to share with the class. My connections so far are Safe Spaces and Christensen and maybe Delpit, but I had a quick question; are we allowed to use SCWAAMP as one of our connections? I am also working alone on this project, but I'm excited to actually start putting the powerpoint together! I'm just nervous about the visuals and being creative, because I'm actually not so creative when it comes to technology.... but we'll see what I can do!

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